100M leads

what is a lead? - someone you can contact

make leads to engaged leads (someone who shows interest)

how to get leads to engage?

lead magnet - a complete solution to a narrow problem given away at a significant discount ( or free ) to attract ideal customers

lead magnets get prospects one step closer to buying your stuff

A person who pays with their time now is more likely to pay with their money later

trade bad problems for better problems - problem solution circle - a problem solved will lead to a newer problem

pick who and what narrow problem you want to solve

lead magnet types: reveal problem, free trial, free step 1 of X

delivery mechanisms : software - give them a tool to see the delta of where they are and where they can be

information - teach them something

services - work for free for them, provide a free service

physical products - something they can relate to and have value in

after you’ve written your headline you’ve spent 80% of your advertising dollar

Engage your leads, run ads, run polls, do it on every platform

make post and ask people to comment

DM people in your list asking

Make it fast and easy

software - accessible on phone, computer and multiple formats

information - use all consumption preferences - videos / audiobooks/ books / etc

service - available more times , more ways, more days

physical products - simple to open and use

market judges you on your free stuff

people buy based on expectation of future value, so get people value before they actually buy

make CTA ( call to action )

CTA should be clear simple what to do, give reasons to do it right now, make it scarce + urgent

2 types of audiences :

warm : gave you permission to contact them, they need to know you, friends/family

cold: strangers

2 type of communication :

1:1 (private) : outbound, call / email / mail blast / text / dm

1:many (public) : inbound, billboard / podcast / posts

one person can only tell others about anything in core four ways:

warm outreach - 1:1 , people who know you, cheapest and most reliable have a story prepared and how it works get a list of these people personalize : find out what’s happening in their life and ask about it ( humanize ), let them talk about themselves, act like you actually want to talk to them and not working a lead reach out : 100 reach outs a day , when: first four hours of your day ACA - Acknowledge what they said then restate it to show you’re listening, Compliment on whatever they tell you (tie it to a positive character trait if you can) , Ask next question - lead the conversation to your direction of offer make your offer - act like you’re offering to someone they know (hey, do you know someone who is looking for… give them what dream outcome you are offering with an example who used your offer before and how good it was for them, describe the same struggle. Pause and at end ask does anyone come to mind?) ask them to leave reviews / feedback and send in their friends/family

cold outreach - 1:1, strangers

post free content - 1:many , people who know you

more scalable - needs more skill

helps grow warm audience, makes all other advertising more effective, just costs time

hook → retain → reward (reason to consume content) (pay attention) (satisfy them for consuming the content)

hook : redirect their attention to us from whatever they were doing

pick good topics

far past : life lessons recent past : calendar breakdown present : real time capture ( tweets/email )

trends : apply your lens to something happening in the area of your expertise manufactured : turn a crazy idea to reality

pick good headlines

recency - as recent as possible

relevancy - personally meaningful , eg. nurses will pay more attention to things that affects nurses not accountants

celebrity - including prominent people

proximity - close to the person geographically

conflict - of opposing ideas, opposing people/nature etc

unusual - bold, unique, rare, bizarre

ongoing - stories still in progress are dynamic, evolving and have plot twists

match the format that’s rewarded them before make content that’s performing on that particular platform that you’re targeting

retain : retain through curiosity, what happens next

use lists, steps and stories format to retain consumers

Lists: things/facts/topics/opinions/ideas presented one after another and follow a theme. eg. “Top 10 mistakes” , “5 biggest money makers”

Steps: actions that occur in order and accomplish a foal when completed, if the early steps are clear and valuable the person will want to know how to do them all. eg. “7 steps to get things done”

Stories: events real or imaginary, stories worth telling have some lesson or takeaway for the listener. Stories on things that have happened, might happen or will never happen.

reward : how good your content is depends on how often it rewards your audience in the time it takes them to consume it, ie bring value for the consumer in your content

hook the right audience

clearly satisfy the reason the content hooked them to begin with

make your content so that even a new person coming to your content can consume it without being confused

start with short form and build to long form

Monetizing Give: Ask ratio - jab jab jab right-hook social media : 4 posts content then 1 advertisement give in public, ask in private how to ask integrated - in 4:1 ratio of your single content follow give:ask (keep low frequency) intermittent (better for short form content) - once in a while one of your content ask, 4 give content 1 ask content

example : I have 11 more tips that have helped me do this, go to my site to grab a pretty visual of them. then on my site in the thank you page will be a lead magnet to display my paid offer with some video explaining how it works

Scale Content (depth then width): post on a relevant platform, post regularly

maximize quality and quantity of content, short form.

then add another platform

switch from “How To…” narrative to “How I…” narrative

people need to be reminded more than need to be taught

run paid ads - 1:many, strangers